Livery Options Available At Bunny Hill...

We are a well run and friendly Yard and endeavour to keep our Livery Services as straight forward as possible. If you do have any questions please either phone the Office or Vicky on the numbers at the bottom of the page or click here to be taken to the Contact Form.  If you'd like to have a look at the Facilities we have, please click here.

We offer the following Livery Services throughout the year...

*DIY LIVERY at £9.00 per day...

  • Use of turnout pen/ walker
  • Shared field turnout (ground pending)
  • Use of all arenas
  • Use of locked tack room
  • Hard feed, hay and one bag of bedding.

EXTRAS are available and include...

  • Morning Muck Out/Feed/Hay/Water - £8.50
  • Skip Out & Put to Bed - £6.50
  • Turnout - £4.50
  • Bring In - £4.50
  • Rug change - £2.50
  • Horse put on and off the Walker - £4.00
  • Ridden Exercise - £25.00
  • Lunge - £15.00
  • Poo Picking (mon-fri) £8.00 per horse

**FULL LIVERY starting from £20 per day (price may vary depending on requirements)... includes all of the above including the Extras apart from 'Ridden Exercise'.

***TRAINING LIVERY at £30 per day... includes all of above and your horse is ridden by Vicky or Terri.

****FULL REHAB LIVERY - cost depending on requirements. For horses with laminitis - includes on-going farriery support and a 'back to fitness' regime.

You are welcome to purchase your own bedding, hay and feed if you so wish. 

We ask that all Livery Fees be paid by standing order a month in advance and are in our bank by the 1st of each month please. Thank you.