The Pony Club At Bunny Hill Riding Centre...

Ruth Willamett has been with us for nearly two years and is rather an expert at setting up and running accredited Pony Clubs! This is the second Pony Club UK accredited Riding School Pony Club that Ruth has set up. So far there are 30 members ranging from 6 to 14 years but both younger and older children are welcome.  To be taken to the main Pony Club UK website please click here.

The idea behind the Riding Centre Pony Club is to enable children who do not have their own pony to join the Pony Club.  Normal Pony Club activities are offered such as Rallies, Camp and  Tests as well as our own Bronze 3-2-1 Tests. In addition we offer ver popular Pony Days where members can learn what is involved in owning a pony from bringing in from the field to mucking out, tacking up and of course riding.

The Pony Club has its own room in the Clubhouse and meets on a regular basis for instruction evenings and riding lessons. The first Pony Club Camp will be held this year in August and more details can be found on the Events page.

The photo on the left shows Ruth with two young members just about to start a Pony Club lesson and the other photo shows three delighted members who have passed their Pony Club Tests.