MARK HUMPHREY FARRIER remedial & surgical case studies

treating a vertical crack

vertical crack

In this first photo you can see we have quite a nasty Vertical Crack in the hoof wall.

Denrided crack

The wall has now been debrided and cleaned ready for the insertion of Imprint Hoof Repair granules.

Default image

When added to glue, the Imprint granules can be moulded to fill the crack...

Crack filled in

... and then rasped down for a tidy finish.


Making a Lateral extension shoe

Here you can see the fabrication of the lateral extensions.

finished shoes with extension

...and how the finished shoes look.

Shoes fitted to foot

Now applied to the foot and prepared for filling.

Lateral extension filled in

The shoe glue is then applied to build up the hoof and cover the extension.

removing a keratoma

This is me working with Mathew Barlow of Home Farm Equine to remove a small Keratoma from a client's pony.

various cases

laminitic shoeing

Here you can see how I made a Centre Bar Shoe adding Vettec firm pad material, giving caudal hoof support to a complex laminitic where direct frog pressure could not be achieved.

Gel Pad

Here I fitted a Third Millennium Tractor Pad with P3 gel pack underneath. Used for support cushioning and protection.

Plastic bar shoe

Here you can see an Equieze Plastic Bar Shoe with P3 caudal gel pack. The shoe has been graduated on the lateral side to encourage level footfall and even-weight bearing.

Plastic bar shoe with stud holes

This is another Equieze Shoe this time with stud holes that was applied to an Eventer, giving flexibile support with less weight than a steel shoe.