remedial & surgical shoeing services

A few examples of our remedial & surgical shoeing

Z bar shoe to support & protect a collapsed medial heel.

Onion heeled aluminium shoe for extra heel support

Fabricated heart bar shoe for heel support

Graduated Bar Shoe

graduated bar

A Graduated Bar Shoe with flexible Frog support and equine dental  impression material  to relieve pressure to the rear of the foot.

Toe Extension

toe extension

On this shoe I have added a toe extension  to increase the leverage at the toe which will work with physio exercises to counteract the contracted tendons in the hind limb.

Gel Padding & Plastasine


Here I have used plastisine to fill a void to keep the liquid gel padding in exactly the right place while it sets. This is a Plastic Bar Shoe used to give lightweight flexible support to the heels when there is caudal heel pain.

Foal Cuff

foal cuff

This Foal Cuff was used to help correct and support the growing limb of this foal. This limb had tendon laxity which was corrected after eight weeks of wearing the Cuff.

imprint therapeutic plastic shoes

I also supply and fit the well known Imprint therapeutic plastic shoes. These are made from a completely mouldable plastic, which  fits perfectly with the contours of the foot and are used on horses with laminitis/founder, angular limb deformities, flexural deformities, hoof cracks and footsore conditions.  


As the point of lameness is not always easy to diagnose, I have invested in a Krosscheck Leverage Testing Device. By elevating the foot in various directions this clever device offers a significant insight into where the horse is most comfortable or in pain and therefore allows me to shoe accordingly. 

Krosscheck Sole

demonstrating the krosscheck leverage testing device...

help for laminitics

For horses with laminitis we also offer a Full Rehabilitation Livery Service at our Livery Yard with on-going farriery support and a 'back to fitness' regime.

Below are just a few photos of some recent surgical and remedial shoes.